Articles written by and about Jeffery Bergman for various magazines and websites

Gems & Gemology: 2016 Fall pg. 288-287 – Co-author:

Bead-cultured and non-bead cultured pearls from Lombok, Indonesia

IGR – Italian Gemological Review:

2019 #6 – Cover photo and article: Ethiopian emeralds, a stunning discovery
2019 #7 – Opali Etiopi. Fatti, favole e paure
2020 #10 – An overview of emerald enhancements
2021 #12 – The ultimate challenge. From an 11.22-carat with minor clarity enhancement, to an exceptional 10.17-carat oil/resin-free natural Shakiso, Ethiopian emerald

IGS – International Gem Society:

• Gem Origin Opinions: When Gem Labs Agree To Disagree
• Buyer Beware: Closer Examination of the Burj Alhamal Ruby Casts Doubt on its $120 Million Valuation
• Emerald Transformation: Cleaning and Recutting a Natural Emerald
• Emerald Enhancements: A Consumer and Trade Guide
• Is the 500-Pound Beleza Emerald Really Worth $280 million?
• 800 Years of Mogok: A Celebration in Tenuous Times
Emerald Myth Busters: Identifying Colombian Stones
• The World’s Largest Cut Cats-eye Chrysoberyl
The World’s Largest Emeralds
• Fake News in the Gem Trade: A Waterworn Emerald from Chivor?
• Ruby-Glass Composites vs Leaded Glass Clarity Enhancements