by Jeffery Bergman - SGC SSEF - Accredited Senior Gemologist AGA

Burmese Pigeon Blood Ruby

Disclaimer: The images shown above are for reference only, actual product may have slight variation in color and clarity.


Red Art Deco Spinel, cut and polished to perfection. The stone has a tiny veil around the pavilion area, not nor reaching to the surface. with a pleasant pinkish red, this stone will make a great center stone for a special ring. Great price point!
Title :Ruby
Carats: 9.00
Dimensions: 3×4
Color: Pigeon Blood
Clarity: Loupe Clean
Cut: Oval
Origin: Burma
Treatment: No heated
Provenance: GRS

Burmese ruby (or Old Burma ruby) is the most sought after variety of ruby gemstone. It is remarkably popular for its deep red pigeon blood color, relatively superior clarity and astrological value. Old Burma rubies are exceptionally rare and exorbitantly expensive.