Of the approximately 400 students attending weekday classes, over 100 live at the school full time including about 60 orphans. Several times per year we personally deliver several tons of rice, dried beans, dried and canned fish, cooking oil, cleaning and school supplies, as well as sports equipment. Additionally, we will have the schools old pickup truck repaired and buy new tires when necessary.

Civil war in Burma under the brutal military dictatorship motivated several of New Bloods teachers to take up arms and join the fight for democracy and freedom. More teachers are desperately needed and foreigners are encouraged to volunteer, even if it is only for a few weeks to teach English, Arithmetic, History, Geography etc.

Special thanks to Billie Hughes, Wimon Manorotkul, and Dick Hughes of Lotus Gemology, Martial Curti of Bellerophon Gem Lab, Darwin Fortaleché, Consuelo Infante Galindo, Zoe Michelou, Sebastian Hansel, Eddie Cleveland, Nicholas Sturman, Cameron Cooper, Pascal Butel and several others who’s generous contributions are greatly appreciated by the students and staff of New Blood Learning Center.